The PILS App

**Due to the pandemic, we had to step away from this project for some time. We will return soon to give updates on the PILSC App.

The PILS App is a mental health support resource tool for those who need support after pregnancy or infant loss.

The PILS App is rooted to the pregnancy and infant loss support centre in Calgary, Alberta.

The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre (PILSC) is a Registered Charity in whose mission is to connect people who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss to comprehensive and inclusive support offerings through each phase of the journey.

The PILS App will serve as an extension of the work that the PILSC does at the centre. It will be a free resource that provides those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss access to grief support. The app will connect bereaved families across Canada to community, peer support groups, traditional and alternative healing supports, and educational opportunities.

During this Covid-19 health crisis, we are seeing more than ever the need for accessible mental health care. People who have gone through pregnancy and infant loss often do not know where to turn, with this app we hope to improve their access to mental health care by creating a tool with mental health supports at their fingertips.

The PILS App  will be the only app in Canada specializing in acute crisis support for bereaved families. Each person impacted by loss is vulnerable to long term mental health challenges. The app will approach the challenges faced by bereaved families in the following unique and innovative ways:

The PILS App provides support across all stages of the loss journey (initial grief, trying to conceive, pregnant after loss, and parenting post loss).

The PILS App will be the only one in Canada that proactively addresses the impacts that pregnancy and neonatal loss has on people who identify within vulnerable sectors such as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and the LGBTQ2S+ community.

The PILS App Crowd Funding Campaign is live now from April 1st to June1st.

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